In our element

Beakers in Rescue Pest Control Products insect research labThe first periodic table of elements was published on this day back in 1863. 

For most, it takes some effort to reach back into the recesses of our brains to high school chemistry class, when memorizing those elements was a test requirement.

But with an insect research lab under our roof and two organic chemists as part of our R&D team, chemistry plays a key role in our product development every day. At RESCUE! we like to think of our approach to insect control as "Green Chemistry". 

Chemicals exist all around us. They're found in nature. Some 60 chemical elements are present in the human body. Naturally-occurring chemicals also play a role within the insect world -- affecting how bugs survive, thrive, and communicate with each other.

Our scientists harness this interplay of chemicals and nature to create our products. Drawing on our scientific expertise, entomology knowledge, and the tools in our lab, we study the semiochemicals that dictate insect behavior. We can replicate these semiochenicals through organic chemistry, test in the environment, and then create traps, attractants and other 'greener' methods of controlling pests

Smarter pest control, indeed!

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