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Sick of winter? It's National Plan Your Vacation Day!

Are you sick of winter yet? Hunkered down to endure the polar vortex of 2019? Dreaming of warmth and sunny skies?

Today, January 30, is National Plan for Vacation Day -- a reminder to plan our vacation at the start of the year for the rest of the year.

Vacation improves health and well-being, boosts morale and productivity, and alleviates burnout... yet many of us don't take advantage of the days we have available. According to a  2016 study by the U.S. Travel Association’s "Project Time Off", 54% of U.S. employees ended the year with unused time off, collectively sacrificing 662 million vacation days.

So today is a reminder to set aside your to-do list, and think about your bucket list. (After work hours, of course!)

To spark your imagination, US News has a list of the World's 30 best places to visit in 2018. Included are St. Lucia in the Caribbean; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Banff, Alberta; the Great Barrier Reef along the Australian coast; and Costa Rica.

If you're looking for a new place to take the family, Good Housekeeping has a list of 22 kid-friendly vacation destinations throughout the U.S. 

If you're on a budget, MONEY magazine’s 2017 Best in Travel list identifies travel destinations that are the best value for your dollar. It includes St. Augustine, Florida; Estes Park, Colorado and Bar Harbor, Maine.

No matter where you go or when, it's important to make sure your getaway isn’t marred by unwanted pests. Insect bites can ruin a vacation – and potentially, your health.

Tropical vacation destinations almost always have mosquitoes; camping spots can have ticks, mosquitoes or yellowjackets; biting flies are found around horse ranches, and locations with fast-moving water can harbor black flies

So when you make your checklist for packing, make sure you include  our GoClip® insect repellents in your vacation suitcase. There are two versions: the Mosquito Repellent GoClip® (which also repels biting flies and ticks), and the Yellowjacket Repellent GoClip® (which also repels wasps and hornets). 

We designed GoClip® to be the ultimate in on-the-go protection from insects. It clips easily to clothing, shoelaces, or a backpack. The resealable package allows you to extend the life of the product when you're not using it. And unlike liquid repellents, GoClip® can be packed in your carry-on bag. 

So go ahead and make your getaway plans, and remember your GoClip® before you go.

To find the GoClip® repellents in a store near you, go to our "Where to Buy" page.